How a Maintenance Contract Can Save You Money on Heating & Cooling

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Is having maintenance work performed on your heating and cooling systems at the top of your to-do list? The answer is probably no, and that’s completely understandable. When these systems are working well, you don’t think much about them. However, when your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold in the middle of a heat wave, or your furnace suddenly won’t kick on in the dead of winter, it can cause major headaches, or even be life-threatening to certain individuals. We all know emergency repairs to your HVAC systems can be costly, and the unplanned expense might wreck your carefully planned household budget, as well.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about sudden problems or unexpected repair bills when you invest in a comprehensive maintenance contract like those we offer here at Comfort Aire Heating & Cooling. How do these service plans save you money? Let’s take a more in-depth look at the key advantages for both your wallet and your peace of mind.

Drastically reduces emergencies

Nobody likes to scramble to find help for an emergency. It’s emotionally exhausting, and if that emergency has to do with your heat or air conditioning at home, you’re probably shivering in the bitter cold of January or drenched in sweat on a sweltering July evening as you make phone calls to every repair resource you can think of. It’s possible your usual go-to HVAC company is booked solid, so you reach out to a contractor you have no experience with just because they can get to your house the fastest. Who knows if they’re entirely trustworthy or whether they’ll charge you unfairly high fees?

Cut out the possibility of uncertainty. A maintenance contract with your preferred heating and air conditioning company allows you to always work with the professionals you know and trust and who are committed to saving you money. Having a contract means that your HVAC company will check, clean, and service your equipment before the start of each season to prevent problems when weather conditions outside begin to put more demands on systems. This proactive work means that you likely will not experience equipment breakdown emergencies because your HVAC partner knows exactly what’s going on with your systems over time. And preventing emergencies saves you money.

Allows you to plan ahead

Eventually, your heating or air conditioning equipment will reach the end of its lifespan. For example, traditional central air conditioning units typically last about 15 years, if properly maintained. Equipment is costly to replace, of course, but if you have a maintenance contract with a trusted HVAC company, you’ll know well ahead of time when your system is in need of replacement. This valuable knowledge can allow you to put money aside, possibly for a couple of years in advance, to cover the cost of replacement in the future. If you’re a careful budgeter, this kind of pre-planning is a dream come true!

Gives you one less thing to worry about

If you’re not a careful budgeter or planner, maintenance contracts are still very much for you. It’s true that many homeowners don’t have the time, tools, or specialized knowledge to perform all the necessary regular maintenance on their HVAC systems. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and wait for the worst to happen. A maintenance contract will take the burden of remembering to care for vulnerable systems off of your mind and place it with the professionals.

Many companies have reminder systems that will prompt them to get in touch with you to schedule your maintenance appointment each season, so you may not even have to put a note on your calendar to make a call. While this point doesn’t directly save you money per se, it does save you precious time, which can be just as valuable!

Assures the longevity of your equipment

As we mentioned above, your HVAC equipment does not last indefinitely. Air conditioning and heating units have many moving parts, and this machinery will eventually reach the end of its useful life. Of course, this occurs much faster if the equipment is not properly maintained. For example, air conditioners need to have filters cleaned or replaced on a regular basis, which you may not have realized. A simple clogged or dirty filter could be to blame for an underperforming system. And a system that’s underperforming is probably actually working harder as it attempts to overcome the challenge of reduced airflow posed by the clogged filter.

With a maintenance contract, filters will be checked and cleaned or replaced by a professional, who can also give you tips on how to maintain filters yourself on an even more frequent basis, as needed. This type of regular equipment care assures that your system is never straining or working harder than it has to in order to keep you and your family comfortable. And that means that your equipment will likely meet or exceed the manufacturer’s lifespan estimates with few issues.

Offers a good, old-fashioned discount

Professional HVAC companies genuinely care about their customers and want to save them money, and it’s true that maintenance contracts help us do that for you in the ways we’ve discussed today. While not all companies offer discounts to their maintenance contract customers, here at Comfort Aire Heating & Cooling, we give a 10% discount on all parts to our customers who are as committed as we are to assuring their HVAC equipment is maintained in prime condition. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for some of our best customers and letting them know we care. If you’d like to save money and assure that your heating and cooling equipment is maintained correctly, get in touch with us today to discuss your system maintenance needs.

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